Your Loser or Winner Self. Which One Do You Choose?

Crossroads road sign. Pointer to the right LOSERS, but WINNERS left. Choice concept

Loser self

1.) I’m sick of this shit! I hate my life! Why go on?

2.) Why work my ass off and keep trying when I don’t see any results?

3.) What’s the point of this life? I’m sick and tired of the same thing every frickin’ day. Bleh!

4.) People are going to make fun of me if I open up my own business, because I don’t know what the hell I’m doing.

5.) What if my business fails?

6.) What if my writing and story sucks? It’s been my dream to write fiction, but I’m probably not good enough.

7.) I’m scared that people are going to trash my book. I’ll be so humiliated. Maybe I shouldn’t get my story published.


Winner self

1.) Everyone gets sick of everything at some point in their lives. You need to take a break. Do something that makes you happy. Get more sleep. This feeling will pass.

2.) Do you enjoy what your doing? If not, change it. Besides, you never know what might happen right when you’re about to quit, you might get the results you’ve been working for. So if you love what you’re doing and it makes you happy keep at it. If not, move on. Next!

3.) If you’re sick of the same thing every-frickin’-day, change it. Break life up. Do something different once a week, start a hobby, join a club, get involved in a cause that’s close to your heart, like animal rescue. You get the idea.

What’s the point of this life?

We’re here to learn, grow, love, experience what it’s like to have boundaries in a three dimensional world. At least that’s what I think and tell my loser self.

4 & 5.) Who cares what other people think? It takes a lot of balls to open up your own business for crying out loud. Yeah, it’s scary for a while, because it’s a challenge you’ve never faced before and a huge responsibility, not to mention there are things you don’t know and have to learn as you go. If it fails, at least you’ve tried. You can always start over again. I mean, really, there has been successful people who opened up their own business and failed, but they didn’t give up. They got back up, dusted themselves off, and did it again. Eventually, their tenacity paid off, and they became very successful.

6.) If you’re passionate about writing, and it’s your dream to write a book, do it. Remember, the more you write, the better you become. Be proactive and learn about the craft and how the literary world operates. If you really want to do something that brings you joy, go for it.

7.) You’re not the only artist who has experienced this fear of no one liking their work. Every artist has had their art trashed, but they didn’t quit. Just think what a loss that would have been to those who loves his stories if Stephen King had quit. Just sayin’.


I decided to write this post because each and every one of us goes through these struggles many times throughout our lives.  For about a week now, I’d been struggling with number two. Not that number two. LOL. My bowel movements are fine, thank you very much. Anyway, my wonderful husband brought up the loser and winner self the other day, when he asked me what was wrong. We had a good discussion, and so I thought I’d share it with you. Hope it helps. 🙂












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