The First Draft To Ameerah’s Story Is Done!

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But let’s not start jumping up and down just yet, because if you’re an #author, you know this is be true.


I still have a lot of work ahead of me. Right now, I’m following a well known rule in the literary world.

Do you know what that is?

Oh, I’m sure you do, but I’ll mention it anyway . . .

After an author writes her first draft, she needs to put the manuscript away for a while. The suggested time is one to two months. I’m not waiting that long. LOL. The reason for this rule is so when the writer goes back to her story to revise and edit it, she does it with fresh eyes. It’s a brilliant rule and works.

After the second draft, Ameerah’s story will be sent off to my beta readers. I’m not sure about how I ended the tale, so they’ll tell me if it works or not, among other things. Then once I make the changes based on their suggestions, the next process is to send Ameerah to a proof reader. After I receive the manuscript back from the proof reader,  I’ll make the changes, and then off it goes to my editor. Again, I’ll make whatever changes that’ll need to be done. The final step before I send the book to my formatter, is to read it one last time.

See how this whole process goes?

It’s long, and what boggles my mind is how do some authors churn out a book every month or two and publish it?

I don’t understand.

Maybe because they don’t have day jobs like I have at the present moment. Not to mention, my husband opened up our own business, which he’s running on Main Street in our town. I help him when I can, so that takes time away from my writing stuff as well. So I’m guessing, these authors who can write super fast and publish one book after the other, has a lot more time than me.

Good for them.

I’m happy they’re in such a position to be able to do that, and one day I will be able to as well.

It still boggles my mind though.

Anyway, this website is fairly new, and I don’t know if anyone is even reading it. I don’t even know how many followers I have.

Sad, I know.

There’s a RSS follow button on the main page, and I have to hop on Feedburner to see if there’s any activity on here.

The thing confuses me.


But I love my website, so I will continue with it, regardless of WordPress blinding me from knowing who’s reading my post and how many followers I have.

Well, I’m starting to babble. LOL. So I’m off like a prom dress. 😉


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