Does #Money Buy #Happiness?

The other day, Kevin (hubby) and I were talking about money.

Does it buy happiness?

Here’s what we came up with . . .

It all depends upon the situation. It most cases it doesn’t. Yeah, it would totally rock to win the lottery and quit your day job, but most people who win the lottery end up in bankruptcy.

That’s a proven fact.

The same goes for people who inherit money or are born into it. Yeah, they live a luxurious life that most people envy, however, they’re not happy.

Not truly happy, that is.

They don’t know who their real friends are, and they’re floating through this false life where honestly there’s an empty hole inside themselves. They also have the burden of wondering if the person they’re dating is genuine or only want to be with them for their money. Famous people struggle with those things all the time.

Who are my true friends?

Are these people around me because I’m famous and have money?

Would they still be my friends if I lost everything and had to work in a factory?

Robin Williams was a brilliant comedian and good actor. I love and miss him all the time. Our world is less brighter now that he’s gone, and I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that he took his own life. It’s so sad and breaks my heart. You would think he had it made, but then you come across this and realize being rich and famous doesn’t mean shit.

robin williamsIt doesn’t mean shit, unless you prepare yourself and are smart about it. That is with any case that involves a shit-load of money.

I do think in certain situations, money can enrich lives and be a constant source of happiness to the person or couple who acquired a fat bank account. If they’re smart about it and are true to themselves.

What do you mean by that?

Here’s an example. I’m an author. I absolutely love to create stories. If I were to win the lottery this week, I’d quit my day job, and write for a living. I’m going to be doing that anyways, but the extra bundle of dough would allow me to reach my goals faster. So yeah, I’d be loaded, but instead of spending it on frivolous stuff and pissing it away, I’d be working for myself full-time, doing what I love, and contributing to our world through my creativity. Money can’t write my books for me, but it would allow me more time to do, and you bet I’d be one happy camper. So in that sense, money CAN buy happiness. Also, you don’t know this but Kevin and I opened up our own business on July 17th. It’s called, “Ford’s Trading Post.” It’s a gun store, but we don’t just sell guns. We also sell hunting and survival gear, knives, old coins, compasses, backpacks, scopes, etc. It’s right on Main Street. Here’s a picture of the outside of our store.



These two picture were taken I think a week before the grand opening.

Anyway, this is Kevin’s dream to be his own boss, own a gun store, and to be able to sell all the other cool ass stuff we have. So when we were talking the other night, wondering if money did buy happiness, our store came into the conversation. If we did win the lottery, Kevin would still be running Ford’s Trading Post, like I still would be writing books. The only difference would be, we’d have a bigger store with an indoor shooting range. I would also buy some land and have a house built, but the point is, we found our passion and would continue doing those things, even if we won millions of dollars.

Money can buy happiness.

Short-term happiness.

It also can enrich your life and add to the happiness you already possess, but it all depends upon YOU and the choices YOU make.

I hope I’m making sense. LOL. I feel like I’m babbling, but you understand what I’m saying, right?

Let’s just say, this post is Thoughts by Rebekkah Ford, and call it good. 🙂



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