Why You Should Write A Rough Draft Without Stopping To Edit Or Revise


This is going to be a short post ladies and gents, because I’m behind in my deadlines, and Ameerah is going through edits right now.

Anyway, here are some reasons why you shouldn’t stop to edit or revise while you’re writing your story . . .

1.) No worries. If you fret about the punctuation or if a sentence isn’t structured correctly, it’s going to hinder your productivity in writing your tale. If you don’t concern yourself with those things, you’ll finish the rough draft in no time.

2.) If you write freely, I believe your muse will pop up more frequently and surprise you with a new character, a new plot twist, or an obscure detail that you never even considered but will add depth to your story. It happened to me many times in my Beyond the Eyes trilogy. And guess what? It’s so much fun when those things occur.

3.) Once you’ve built the shell of your story, you can sit back and see all the possibilities, envisioning what the final outcome will be. I enjoy this process because my characters talk to me a lot more and the muse makes unexpected visits, like when I’m brushing my teeth.

4.) You really don’t know the whole story until you write it all out and see it in its organicwriting and clay state. Yeah, it’s raw and needs to be revised, but that’s a good thing. It’s like a band member who writes a song. After it’s written, he can start figuring out the melodies and then turn it into a masterpiece.

So what are you waiting for?

Go start or finish your story.

When you’ve completed your first rough draft, remember it’ll eventually be polished and will dazzle the masses.she believed




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