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#Dumb Mistake

Omg, you guys I can’t believe I did this the other day. I live in a small farming community in North Dakota and the nearest Wal-Mart, mall, Target, etc. is an hour away in South Dakota. I took last Thursday off to do a Wal-Mart run as we call it here. My last stop before I went home was at a grocery store. I parked, put my car keys in my purse, and stepped out of my car. As soon as I closed the door, I realized my purse wasn’t across my body like I thought it was.









Yeah, I locked my frickin’ keys in my car.

I don’t own a cell phone.

I know, I’m probably one in a million plus who doesn’t own one.

I was an hour away from home.

I don’t have a spare key.

So I went inside the grocery store to the flower department and told the gal who was working there what I did. She was so nice. She got her coworker and both of them tried to break into my car.

Fat chance.

I had to call a locksmith.

Yay, me. LOL

I’m in the wrong business, btw, because it only took the guy three minutes to unlock my door, and he charged me $60.00 to do it.

But, at least, I didn’t ruin the seal around my car window in attempt to break in which could have cost me a lot more, so it’s a matter of perspective.

That was my dumbass mistake for the week.


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