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Past and Present Self.

Have you guys seen this video? I’m sure some of you have, but it’s worth watching again. Check it out.


So what would your twelve-year-old self ask your future self? I was thinking about this after I watched that cute video and here’s what came to mind:

My 12-year-old self: “Will I ever get braces?”

(Note: I had a humongous overbite and sometimes kids would make fun of me. In fact, I’d get into fights defending myself.)

Me now: “Yes, you will. So don’t worry kiddo. I know it’s hard now, and you feel awkward all the time, but it’ll all workout.”

My 12-year-old self: “Will I find true love?”

Me now: “Yes, and it’ll be more than what you’ve imagined. You’ll go through some bad relationships beforehand, though, but those relationships will teach you to be a much stronger person.”

My 12-year-old self: “How many kids will I have?”

Me now: “I hate to tell you this, but you can’t have kids. Try not to be sad about it. We all have different paths in our life, and yours doesn’t include having children.”

My 12-year-old self: “Will I live in a house?”

(Note: After my parents divorced, my mom later moved us into a trailer house, and I always wanted to live in a stick built house. I did live in one when I was very young. In fact, that house was haunted.)

Me now: “Yes, you will.”

My 12-year-old self: “Will we have flying cars like the Jetsons?”

Me now: *I laugh and shake my head* “No, but we will have computers, the internet, cell phones, and a lot of other techno gadgets . . . but I can understand why you’d think we’d have flying cars.”

(I proceed to explain what the internet and cell phone are.)

My twelve-year-old self starts to fade into the background, but before she totally disappears, I give her a quick hug and tell her everything will work out, and I love her. 🙂


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