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The Fears Of An Author

We all have our fears, but let me tell ya, being an author is some scary shit.


The good thing is I know I’m not alone. I think all authors have the same fears:

1.) What if my writing sucks?

2.) Maybe I’m not good enough.

3.) Will anyone even read my book?

4.) What if I don’t get any sales and my family and friends ask me about it? I’d feel like a loser if they knew the truth.

5.) What if people hates my story?

6.) Omg, what am I going to do if I get a bad review and someone totally trashes what I stay strong (1)wrote and me?

Why put your work and self out into the world? I mean, you know without a doubt there will be a time when a reader will totally trash your book. You can’t please everyone, and the reality is there are haters out there. It’s going to happen.

So why do it?

I have to that’s why. Creating and writing stories is my passion. I cannot stop writing. Yeah, I can write and not share it with the world and live in a box where no one can hurt my feelings and publicly humiliate me. However, I think Ameerah said it best when she said “Fear is a bullshit emotion, and I’m not about to become its slave.”

That’s my girl.

Besides, I have a dream and the only way to achieve it is to not only work hard toward ita life but also face my fears. I also like the fact that I’m giving something creative to this world, my not wasting my talent, and after I die my books will still be here for future generations to enjoy. They’ll be reading my stories long after I’m gone, and who knows, one of them might say, “Holy fuck! Who is this Rebekkah Ford? How in the hell did she come up with this concept? She’s a genius. I need to read all of her books now.” LOL

Hey, ya never know, but if you don’t take the risk of putting your work and self out there, giving into fear instead of conquering it, you’ll be robbing yourself of the chance of something truly great happening to you. Just sayin’.good saying









Btw, Ameerah is the poster child of facing fears. You can get her story here:






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