Happy World Book Day!




Today is the day to celebrate authors, illustrators, books, and reading. Children are encouraged to read a book and discover the pleasures of getting lost in a story. They’re given the opportunity to have their own book and empower themselves by nurturing their imaginations and building their literary skills. They’re getting introduced into the world of literature. 


Did you know today is William Shakespeare’s birthday? He was born April 23, 1564. Did you know he also died on his birthday in 1616? Crazy, huh? So it’s fitting to have World Book Day today. However, in the UK and Ireland, it was on March 2nd. The children got to dress up as their favorite literary character.

How cool is that?

I remember being four years old and unable to read an entire book. My older sister would read to me, but one day she didn’t feel like it. I sat on my bottom bunk with a Hansel and Gretel book in my hands. I was in tears. Sad. I desperately wanted to read the book but couldn’t. I made a promise to myself I’d learn how to read. I kept that promise and basically taught myself. I was the top reader in my first-grade class. There was no stopping me from there. I began writing stories, and now I’m an author who still adores and treasures books. If I had a child (I can’t have kids), he would learn to read as soon as he could talk. The literary world would be a huge part of his childhood. So I think it’s cool there’s a World Book Day.

If you have a small child, I suggest you spend some time with him/her today. Take him to the bookstore and buy him a book. Read to him or have him read to you or do both. You read one chapter, and he reads the next. Then talk about the story. Celebrate World Book Day together.

I love being an author. I love creating worlds and magic. I #LovetoRead. Btw, Legends of Deceit is in edits and everything is going well. 🙂 I’m looking at a summer release. 




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