My Dad Had A Stroke.

It’s been a difficult and worrisome week. My dad had a stroke last week. Thankfully, it wasn’t a major one, but now I have the fear this is a prelude to him having a full-blown one, and we’ll lose him. 🙁

My dad lives in Ohio. I live in rural North Dakota. My older sister (Angel) and her husband moved to Ohio from Arizona (we grew up there) last year. They’re living with my dad, so he’s not alone. My step-mother died in December of 2015. Since her passing, my dad has had a difficult time getting through daily life without her. He misses her. You see, once upon a time ago, they were high school sweethearts. He asked her to marry him. She said no. She wanted to go to college. Then my dad started dating my mom. They were all friends, btw. They grew up together. Eventually, Dad asked Mom to marry him. She said yes. Four years later, Angel was born. Four years after that, I was born. When I was eight, my parents divorced. My mom remarried right away and moved my sister and me to Arizona where my wicked grandmother lived. My backstory is quite a tale and a long one, but the point is, my dad hasn’t been the same since my step-mom died. I think she was his true love. I wonder if his heartbreak has something to do with him having a stroke. It makes me sad; however, it gives me solace Angel and Brian (brother-in-law) are with him. Maybe . . . just maybe, that’ll give our dad an incentive to stick around for a while. After the divorce, he chose not to take part in our lives, except for calling and sending birthday and Christmas cards. Every summer, I went to Ohio and stayed with him for 3 weeks. Angel didn’t. She thought he didn’t like her, so she kept him out of her life until she was in her twenties. Now she’s the one who is there for him and taking care of him, even though he wasn’t there for us. How awesome of her to make a huge life-changing decision for our dad. Regardless, though, of how absent our dad was in our childhood after the divorce, I still love him to bits.

So what happened?

How did we know he had a stroke?

Last Friday, Dad slept all day. It’s not like him to do so. In fact, he gets up early every day. When he finally woke up, he was disoriented, and one side of his face was droopy. His balance was off, and he’d fall asleep sitting in a chair. I told Angel to take him to the ER, but she thought maybe he overworked himself the day before, and he was exhausted. He’ll be 75 in September, so considering his age and how hard he pushes himself to do things, she thought he was just tired. On Monday, she decided to haul his ass to the ER. Our dad has never stayed in a hospital before, and he’s a stubborn German. I told her to threaten him with calling 9-1-1 if he didn’t agree to go. I also told her to tell him I’d be the one who would call 9-1-1 if he didn’t comply. He was pissed off, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he threw in a few colorful words in the mix; however, he agreed to go. He had no choice.  He was out numbered. The hospital staff admitted him right away and ran tests. His MRI results showed that yes, he had a mini stroke. They kept him for two days, and now he’s on medication and has to go back to check on an enlarged thyroid they discovered while performing the test. Since this happened, Angel and I have been texting each other throughout the day. He finally was able to go home yesterday evening. At this point, all I know is he’s doing okay. I just hope he doesn’t continue to sleep his life away or have another stroke.

Anyway, on a good note, Legends of Deceit is deep in edits, and my editor is loving the story. We’re looking at a summer release, so stay tuned for more information.



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