Can Our Spirit Leave This World If It Chooses To Do So?

I’ve been wondering something since my dad had his stroke. Can our spirit leave this world if it chooses to move on? Let’s take Debbie Reynolds for instance. Right after Carrie Fisher died, Debbie had a lengthy conversation with her son. She told him it wasn’t supposed to happen this way, and she loved him very much, but she wanted to be with Carrie. Shortly after their talk, she died. Another story I read last week was about a couple who was married for like I think 65 years. The wife died, then hours later the husband passed on. I’m sure you’ve heard of similar stories where a couple has been together for years and when one leaves this world, the other follows not too long afterward. So I’m thinking that yes, our spirit if it chooses to leave the meat suit can. Now since my dad’s stroke, I’m concerned his spirit wants to move on. Here’s a little backstory supporting this fear of mine . . .

My step-mom (Bunnie) was my dad’s high school sweetheart. I think she was his true love. He had asked her to marry him, but she said no because she wanted to go to college to become a teacher which she did. So my dad started dating my mom. Btw, they all grew up together and ran with the same crowd. My dad asked my mom to marry him, and she said yes. Years later, when I was eight, they divorced. Mom remarried right away and moved my older sister and me to Arizona where we spent the rest of our childhood at. One day, Bunnie called my dad and asked to speak to my mom. Dad told her they divorced years ago and invited her to dinner. She accepted, they rekindled their childhood romance and eventually got married. In December of 2016, Bunnie collapsed in their house. She told Dad not to call 9-1-1. He respected her wishes. Well, she died. So Dad has this horrible guilt weighing heavily on his shoulders.

What if he had called an ambulance, would she still be alive? 

Since her death, he’s been incredibly sad and misses her like crazy. I’m thinking maybe his spirit doesn’t want to be here anymore. It wants to be with my step-mom. Yeah, it’s a crazy thought, but I’m a writer, and I’m weird. It just how my mind works.

A year ago, my older sister Angel and brother-in-law moved from Arizona to Ohio where our dad lives. They moved in with him because he was having a hard time not having his wife around. I live in rural North Dakota, so since Dad’s mini stroke, I’ve been talking to Angel every day. She told me today Dad is still not the same. Our dad has a sharp mind, and he’s a routine-type person. He takes a bath every night at 7:00 and goes to the grocery store every Tuesday morning. He’s not doing those things anymore. He’s slow, forgetful, and sleeps a lot. He does have a doctors appointment this Thursday. I’m anxious to find out what he has to say about Dad’s well-being. I hope he pulls out of it because he needs to spend more time with my sister. But then again, whom am I to tell him what he needs to do? His heartache and longing to be with his true love might be too great to bear.

So, can our spirit leave this world if it chooses to do so? If so, how?    



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