Funny Short Episode!

It’s been two weeks since I posted in here because I’ve been busy keeping tabs on my dad and working with my editor, and so forth.

Anyway, I wanted to share this funny short episode with you. Stephanie Keefer who is my voice actress for Ameerah’s audio book and did an excellent job, btw, performs in this skit. She’s the pretty brunette who plays the mom.

Check it out:


If you want to listen to a sample of Ameerah’s audio book, you can here:

Here’s what people are saying about Ameerah’s audio book:


It was so good. I wanted to keep listening to it. It was like listening to a movie. You could visualize it as it’s being read! Highly recommend it! 5 stars!


This book was written in a way that really made me live her story.


The WHOLE story was great. Listening to this story was wonderful since it seemed as if I was listening in on the conversations, and I was pulled into her time. It was as if I had never read the book before, and I was feeling wonderfully excited and a bit vulnerable since I was a little frightened listening to it.

Cheers! 🙂



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