Here are questions my readers have asked me before . . .

Why is Paige kind of wimpy in Beyond the Eyes? Don’t you think she should be a stronger character?

Paige is that way for a reason. Yeah, she cries. Yeah, she makes stupid mistakes. Yeah, to some people she can be quite annoying. But realistically, what 17-year-old teenager is not those things?

Paige has a lot of emotional feelings she’s been harboring for years, and there’s a ghostly voice only she can hear who rattles off cryptic premonitions to her. Paige is an extremely lonely girl who feels like her parents don’t love her and that she’s a freak of nature. But the reason why her character starts out being wimpy–besides what I already said–is to show her growth throughout the trilogy, which she does. I didn’t want a character who already was a badass fighter against malevolent beings. I wanted to show the readers that despite all the heartache and bullshit we all go through in our life, there is a strength within all of us we can use to face and conquer our own demons. How can Paige do battle with demons, if she hasn’t even slain her own?

I absolutely love this series! Will there be another book? Please say there will be.

Yes, I plan to write a fourth one in the future. But for now, you can read Tangled Roots if you want. It’s a companion to the Beyond the Eyes trilogy, about what happens to Carrie after she awakes from her coma. The main characters in this book are Carrie and Tree. The reason why I wrote it was because so many of my fans love them and wanted a companion to the trilogy with only those two characters. So I wrote the tale for them. 🙂 After that one I wrote Ameerah, which is a spin-off to the trilogy and a standalone, meaning you don’t have to read the trilogy before this book. If you read the trilogy, you will know Ameerah was in book two (Dark Spirits) and book three (The Devil’s Third), but Ameerah is her own story. If you’re a fan of Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire, I think you’ll dig Ameerah’s tale. I am planning on writing another spin-off to the trilogy with all of the main characters in it, including Ameerah. They still have a lot of adventures to go on. 

Dark spirits possessing soulless humans can actually be true. How did you come up with this concept? It’s fresh. It’s new. Love it.

Thanks! I wanted to write a story that was plausible and to be honest, there might be dark spirits possessing soulless humans. We don’t know. I always wondered if there were humans born without a soul. I once worked at a pediatric clinic. One day a mother set her baby carrier down. I looked at her baby, and his dark eyes appeared dull and empty. It sent a chill up my spine because I thought of my question about humans born without a soul. This curiosity of mine is what created the whole concept of my Beyond the Eyes world.

I just finished reading Ameerah. Omg! I loved it! Will there be a book two?

Thank you! I’m glad you loved Ameerah. I love her, too. 🙂 Do you like audiobooks? Ameerah has one out. You can get it here:



I’m going to do better than a book two. How can I do better than that? Simple. I’m going to write a Beyond the Eyes spin-off with all of the original characters in it, including Ameerah, which will tie into her tragic story and seamlessly continue. 


Have you ever thought about writing fantasy with like dragons, fairies, trolls, and other cool mythological creatures?

Actually, I just had a fantasy, new adult, book published titled: Legends of Deceit. It’s the first book in–I’m thinking–two book series. So far the story has received rave reviews. I had fun writing it and will be starting the next book any day now. 🙂