Who is Rebekkah Ford?


I have an irreverent sense of humor.

Pulp Fiction, anyone?

I adore coffee and yummy food. I’m loyal, honest, spacey (hey, I’m a writer. Enough said), I love books, antique shops, bull dogs (not the kind that goes, woof, woof. It’s a drink: Coke, Kahlua, Vodka, cream, and ice. You can’t drink too many, though. I found that out a couple years ago when I had four.

I threw up like . . . a lot. In my defense, a guy my husband knows bought me the fourth one. I told him I had enough, but he urged me to have just-one-more. I gave in. Big mistake. I’m a light weight as it is and should have known better. But we live and learn, right?) I love history, philosophy, and theology, which I bring into my stories. I’m fascinated with the paranormal world and life after death. If you read my history, you’ll know why. I’m also open-minded, have no tolerance for self-centered, manipulative, egotistical people. The same goes for those who abuse animals, children, and women. I’m a homebody, an introvert, and I don’t like to be in a crowd of people—unless it’s at an event I want to go to. But to sum up who I am, I’m a dreamer, a flower child, an 80s chick, an artist, a goofball, slightly mad, a nonconformist, inquisitive, dirty-minded, sometimes foul-mouth, and I’m a horrible speaker. I can write stories, but I tend to get tongue-tied when I get nervous, or when my thoughts are scattered, which is most of the time.


I grew up in a family that had dealt with the paranormal world. When my parents were married, they were the directors of the UFO Investigator’s League in Fairfield, Ohio. They also investigated ghost hauntings, paranormal activity, and Bigfoot sightings in addition to extraterrestrial cases. My father would give speeches at conventions regarding those things, and this one time, as he was heading back to his hotel room, Jackie Gleason approached him and asked if he’d spare some of his time to visit with him. He enjoyed the speech and wanted to pick my father’s brain regarding the paranormal world. They went into his hotel room and had a wonderful conversation. Another time, my father was invited to a “think tank” which is where a group of people get together and throw out ideas about the universe, life, the unknown, religion, etc. He didn’t have a clue who was going to be there, so imagine his surprise when he saw Carl Sagan, among other great minds.

At an early age, I experienced hardship. My parents divorced when I was eight. Mom remarried right away and wrenched my older sister Angel and me away from our father, friends, everything we knew, and moved us from Cincinnati, Ohio to Phoenix, Arizona. In less than a year, we went from middle class to poverty. What got me through those horrible times was my imagination. My stories.

During my childhood, I experienced bullying, and as an adult, I’m totally against it. I was bullied because I had a huge ass overbite.


I’m not bullshitting you.

I’ll post a picture one of these days if you want. I used to get made fun of, and I’d get into fights with the kids who would relentlessly tease me. I used to cry myself to sleep every night. I was ugly, and I knew it. My older sister was pretty. Not me. One day, a female classmate of mine said, “Your sister is pretty.” Then she looked at me and made a face. “What happened to you?” I’ll never forget that for as long as I live. To this day, I’m still insecure about my looks. Finally, in eighth grade I got braces.


Bless my mom for getting my teeth fixed.

I wore those braces for almost 5 years, and it was worth the pain I endured.

I’ve been writing stories ever since I can remember. While growing up, I wrote horror stories, but so far as an adult, I yet to have published a horror novel. One day I will.

I had an agent interested in Beyond the Eyes (the first book in the trilogy), but I decided to self-publish instead.

Do I regret that decision?


I did it for personal reasons. I was seriously lacking self-confidence. The only way I knew how to gain some was to dive into the publishing and marketing world and do everything on my own. I was a complete virgin. I knew nothing. But ya know what? I did it, and now I have self-confidence.

Yay, me!

Anyway, I live in rural North Dakota now with my wonderful husband and fat, lazy cat Church. We don’t have kids . . . well, except for Church. I can’t have kids, and I’m finally okay with that. I do have a full-time job outside the house. I help manage a Mom and Pop propane company. My goal obviously is to write my stories for a living and each day I work towards it.

Life is a process of becoming, a combination of states we have to go through, where people fail is that they wish to elect a state and remain in it. This is a kind of death~ Anais Nin


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